Youth Volleyball & Tennis for Kids in Grades K – 8

*Keiki may sign up for more than one program at a time*


  • Grades K-2: (1 hour) Passing, Setting, Overhand Serving, Attacking off the toss, 1-2 mini scrimmages.
  • Grades 3-5: (1 hour) Passing, Setting, Overhand Serving/Jump Float, Attacking off a set, Encouraging the use of 3 contacts (pass/set/attack), Team drills and mini scrimmages. 
  • Grades 6-8: (Beginner) (1 hour) Is your keiki interested in learning volleyball, but feels like (s)he’s “missed the boat”? Worry no more! We have a clinic open to keiki with little to no experience. Keikis will learn and refine their volleyball skills to make them ready for middle school and/or club tryouts! Open to players with little to no experience.
  • Grades 6-8: (Intermediate/Advanced) (1 hour) Is your keiki an advanced player who is looking to take it to the next level? Attention to QUALITY skill work will be heavily emphasized and the number of reps will be increased significantly. Our advanced program is an hour of high intensity and we will positively push your keiki’s mental/physical limits each hour. This class is open to “travel” club players, current/former AKK players and those who have a couple of volleyball seasons under their belts. A consistent overhand serve from the end line is a requirement.
  • *Invitational (up to grade 8): (1 hour 30 min). Heavy emphasis on refining keikis’ existing volleyball skills; refine jump floats; various group/team drills that incorporate quality 3 contacts etc. *INVITE ONLY. Keiki must complete at least one 8 week session to be considered for this class.


Grades 3-8 : (1 hr) Keiki will focus on the following skills: Forehand grips and stoke mechanics; backhand grips and stroke mechanics; footwork; volleys; overheads; serving; agility and conditioning; strategies for singles and doubles

8 Week Clinics (Volleyball & Tennis)

Our 8 week clinics meet 1x a week and are offered throughout the school year. During our 8 week clinics, keiki learn the FUNdamentals of volleyball/tennis with a heavy emphasis on learning proper form/technique. Keiki will also gain experience competing against each other in various drills and scrimmages.

Summer Camps and Clinics(Volleyball & Tennis)

If your keiki is new to volleyball/tennis, or has years of experience, you’ve come to the right place. We are not your typical summer camp. Although our goal is to have fun, our primary objective is to have your keiki learn and improve on his/her skills. With an occasional snack break, keiki will be immersed in a number of drills and games throughout camp.

Keiki will be placed in groups of similar skill level to ensure maximum skill growth over the course of our summer camp. 

**We will honor a 10% sibling discount. 1st keiki full price, 2nd/3rd etc 10% discount**
*Grades are based on 2020-2021 SY*

Scrimmage Program (Volleyball)

  1. OPEN SCRIMMAGE (1 hour): Open to the all keiki and public grades 4-8, regardless of experience. Join us while our keiki put their skills into action through competition! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE.
  2. ADVANCED SCRIMMAGE (1 hour): Open to current club (travel) players, and current/former ‘invitational’ keiki . Does your keiki not fall into these categories but exhibits an advanced understanding of the game? Contact us to see if our advanced scrimmage program is a good fit for your keiki. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE.

Enrichment Clinics (Volleyball)

(1 hour) Enrichment clinics will focus on a particular skill during the course of an hour. Players will have the opportunity to refine their skill through high repetition while coaches pay close attention to detail. Dates and time will be posted in the near future.

  • Serving (overhand, jump float)
  • Passing (under and overhand)
  • Setting
  • Attacking
  • Competition Clinics – Various competition drills (i.e. Queens, mini-scrimmage)
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