Developing strong fundamentals in a positive & encouraging environment

Youth Volleyball & Tennis for Grades K-8

What is the coach to keiki ratio?

We believe that a small coach:keiki ratio is important for optimal instruction and improvement.  This is why we strive to have a 1:6 coach to player ratio.

How much experience does my keiki need to have to participate?

If your keiki has never touched a volleyball/racquet, or (s)he has years of experience, all programs are geared towards keiki with as much or as little experience. Why? We group players based on their age and/or skill level to ensure that all keiki are receiving appropriate instruction.

How will my keiki improve if (s)he is in the same class with others of higher/lower skills and experience?

Since quality is our number one priority, the coach of your keiki’s group will modify keiki drills/expectations based on their skill/ability.

We are new to the sport. What do we need bring to practice?

VOLLEYBALL: To ensure keiki safety, water, volleyball knee pads, shoes, shorts/spandex and Keiki Klub t-shirts are required for practice. Keiki may bring their personal volleyball(s) (BRAND: Tachikara VolleyLite Volleyball).

TENNIS: Keiki Klub Shirt required to each practice, Sneakers, Water, Age/size appropriate racquet (suggested brands: Wilson US Open Junior, Head Speed Junior, Babolat)

AgeHeightRacquet Length
< 4 years40″ or shorter19 inches
4-5 years40″-44″21 inches
6-8 years45″-49″23 inches
9-10 years50″-55″25 inches

What are keiki NOT allowed to wear to practice?

Jewelry. If your keiki recently got her ears pierced, please cover them with tape to prevent injury.

Are we required to stay during practices?

No. If you decide to drop your keiki off, please arrive 5 minutes before the end of the session for pickup.

*Note: Per Glen Mills School policy, due to liability reasons, spectators are not allowed to stay during clinics. Parents may enter the building to drop off/pick up; but may not stay during practices.

What do I do if my keiki will be absent?

Please indicate keiki’s absence through Sport Engine OR email/text Coach Casey at keikiklub@gmail.com or (404) 783-8232 at your earliest convenience. This will allow coaches to plan practice accordingly.

What is your make-up policy?

If your keiki is absent, (s)he is allowed to make up the missed class with one of the comparable programs during the same season. Please check with your keiki’s coach to see what your make-up class options are.

Do I need to notify someone if someone other than myself (keiki’s parent/guardian) will drop-off/pickup?  

Yes. Please email or text Coach Casey (info@keikiklub.com) or (404) 783-8232 at your earliest convenience.