Youth Sport Summer Clinics for Keiki in Grades K-8

Keiki Klub COVID-19 Skills Session Protocol (Updated November 23, 2020)

Ways we are keeping your keiki safe during COVID19



  1. All players are required to arrive wearing a face mask upon arrival and departure. Face masks required by coaches, staff and players upon drop off, practice and upon pickup.
  2. Temperature checks and hand sanitizing will be done upon drop off. Anyone with a temperature above 102 degrees and/or exhibiting cold/flu like symptoms will be asked to go home.
  3. Players will be allowed to enter the gym once temp checks and hand sanitizing are completed. Coaches are players are only allowed in the gym. Parents/guardians must wait outside in the parking lot.
  4. Players will wash/sanitize their hands upon drop-off, all water breaks and upon pickup.
  5. Players need to provide their own equipment (knee pads) with them. We will not lend out equipment.
  6. If your keiki is experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever (>100), cough, or shortness of breath, email and DO NOT ATTEND THE SESSION.
  7. Players are encouraged to use the restrooms at home prior to drop-off. We will have access to a bathroom; however, to prevent transmission, we do not encourage the use of bathrooms during clinic hours. In the event a player needs to relieve oneself, players will be required to wash/sanitize their hands before stepping back onto the court.
  8. Players will be placed at least 6ft away from others during drills when possible.
  9. If a coach notices a player touching his/her face, the player will be required to sanitize his/her hands immediately.
  10.  Unfortunately, handshakes, high-fives, fist-bumps or skin-to-skin contact are not permitted.
  11. No sharing of food/water. Players must bring their own food/water and must place their belongings at least 6 ft away from others.
  12. Limited numbers: We are capping our classes to 24 players per clinic (12 players per court) to ensure safe distancing.

Keiki Klub ‘Ohana/Families:

  • Since Summer and Fall clinics are held outdoors, parents are allowed to stay; however, they must observe from a distance and follow social distancing guidelines by maintaining at least a 10ft distance between other families/players.
    • During INDOOR clinics/camps, parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the gym. Keiki will be dropped off/picked-up at the main entrance of the gym and masks are required upon drop off and pick up.
  • (Outdoors) To prevent the spread of germs, parents/siblings will not be allowed to “shag” after balls or borrow kK balls/equipment.


  1. Temperature checks on coaches will be conducted before each clinic. Coaches will be asked to go home if they have a temperature of 101 degrees or above.
  2. Coaches/staff will be required to sanitize their hands upon arrival, every water break and upon departure.
  3. Masks are required.
  4. Coaches will do their best in maintaining a 6ft distance from players during clinics. However, athlete safety is paramount, and kK will not restrict coaches from assisting an athlete if necessary, to protect them from injury. 


  1. Balls and equipment will be sanitized before and after each session.
  2. Hand sanitizers will be located at drop-off and at each court.
  3. Limited numbers: We are capping our classes to 24 players per clinic (12 players per court) to ensure safe distancing.

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