8 Week Volleyball Clinics

‘Keiki’ – Hawaiian for Kids

Youth Volleyball in Brandywine

Our 8 week clinics meet 1x a week and are offered throughout the school year. During our 8 week clinics, keiki learn the FUNdementals of volleyball with a heavy emphasis on learning proper form/technique. Our keikis also gain experience competing against each other in various drills and scrimmages

Co-Ed Youth Volleyball

  • Grades K-2: (1 hour) Passing, Setting, Overhand Serving, Attacking off the toss, 1-2 mini scrimmages.
  • Grades 3-5: (1 hour) Passing, Setting, Overhand Serving/Jump Float, Attacking off a set, Encouraging the use of 3 contacts (pass/set/attack), Team drills and mini scrimmages.
  • Grades 6-8: (1 hour)
    • BEGINNER (<1yr): Is your keiki interested in learning volleyball, but feels like (s)he’s “missed the boat”? Worry no more! We have a clinic open to keiki with little to no experience. Keikis will learn and refine their volleyball skills to make them ready for middle school and/or club tryouts! Open to players with little to no experience.
    • INTERMEDIATE (>1yr) (program requirement: consistent overhand serve and/or jump float): Our grades 6-8 program is open to any middle “schooler” exhibiting a higher level of play and have the basic fundamentals down. kK’s aim is to take this program to the “next level” and train kK players with a high level of intensity, with a focus on developing well rounded, relentless, and knowledgeable¬†volleyball players. We believe in training all players for all positions (6 rotation players), regardless of size. Expect¬† and hour of relentless hard work and positive intensity!!
  • INVITATIONAL (Up to 8th grade) (1-1.5 hours): Heavy emphasis on refining keikis’ existing volleyball skills. INVITE ONLY.
    • Keiki must complete at least one 8 week session to be considered for our invitational program.

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